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Gabriel Schandl is your motivational speaker in German or English
"My Mission: Boost your success!"Mag. Gabriel Schandl, CSP
The motivational speaker live in action - Gabriel Schandl
"Congratulations on your lecture at Sales Leaders - it was the one during that i made the most notes!"Maria Totschnig, Mömax, Wels
The inspirational speaker Gabriel Schandl
"Time and again, we could use your impulses as an example of innovation and excellent customer focus!"Dirk Moritz, 1&1 Telekommunikation Gmbh
Let's hire Gabriel Schandl as your motivational speaker
"Thank you for the inspiring speech!"Dipl.-Ing. Johann Vlcek, Voestalpine Stahl GmbH, Linz
"Top performance is something you render voluntarily and with pleasure, or not at all!"Gabriel Schandl, CSP
"Schandl caused a stir!"Salzburger Nachrichten
"Thank you very much for hours of pure reading pleasure!"Andreas Buhr, CSP

My Aim for you

The light goes on, your audience is already sitting excitedly on their seats, the room is full. You have invested a lot in the preparation and wish to have a really great event. Your keynote speaker enters the stage, your attending audience is full of expectation. After all, they have seen quite a lot already. But the topic happiness through performance has a very special appeal. All at once, everybody has the feeling of being at the right place. The hour passes quickly, is filled with exciting information, authentic stories, impressive examples, spot-on punchlines. Continue --->


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